What is this site?

The Jhereg was created to assess fan interest in crowdfunding movies and television series based on the works of New York Times bestselling author Steven Brust, creator of the Vlad Taltos series.

Who owns The Jhereg?

The Jhereg is owned by Steven Brust and administrated by Ben Dobyns, with technology and hosting provided courtesy of Fan-supported.com and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment.

Why are you collecting email addresses?

Movies cost money. Steven (very reasonably) wants the film and television adaptations of his works to be done correctly. The Jhereg gives Steven and Ben a clear picture of how many people would be willing to help make author-supported adaptations of Steve's stories possible.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No! We don't collect any money on this site. We just want to find out who would consider participating in a crowdfunding campaign. If we receive enough email signups, we'll contact everyone on the list and announce an upcoming campaign! We know that financial situations change and that a signup here doesn't guarantee a pledge to a future Kickstarter. Based on historical data, we can anticipate that $100 will be the average Kickstarter pledge, but individual pledges can range from $1 to $10,000.

Who chooses the books that are adapted into movies?

Steven Brust.

Why isn't "My Favorite Book" on the list?

These are the projects that interest Steven. For example, he has already worked with several brilliant collaborators to develop the screenplays for Agyar and Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill. Now we just need to raise the money to make the movies!

Why not just get HBO to make the show?

Hi. If you're in charge of development at HBO and you want to make movies or TV series based on one or more of Steven's books, please get in touch with his agent!

If you're a fan, you can show HBO that an audience exists for these adaptations by signing up for the list.

But aren't crowdfunded movies terrible and cheap?

No! Steven has access to multiple independent film companies who do excellent work in these budget ranges, with a long history of successful productions and happy fans. And he won't move forward without the confidence that the right team is on board to make the film a reality.

Is my data safe? Are you going to sell my email address?

While no online system is perfectly secure, the email service and database are built on an established platform with an excellent record of data security.

This email list is ONLY for the purpose of crowdfunding film adaptations of Steven's stories. It will not be sold, is not available to third parties, and will only be used to contact you about current and future crowdfunding campaigns based on Steven's stories.

I have a question that isn't answered here. How can I ask it?

Click here to access our contact form.